About us

About us

Champsland is a sportswear factory located in Mekka industrial zone, Giza, Egypt.

The website contains two of our main brands: “Doe” that we produce here in Egypt and it is exported to USA, and “Viga” is produced as well in Egypt and is exported to UK.

We deal with top quality suppliers that are trusted by international brands like Lululemon and Nike and we actual use the same fabrics in some of our products collection. The fabrics are all treated Dri-Fit, anti-wicking and Anti-bacterial that cause no skin irritations and helps you perform better.

We had the honor to partner with many big brands, locally and internationally; the most recent ones are Hummel, Egypt national basketball, Zamalek handball and others….

We are 3 Sisters managing the website and the company’s online presence in general, our main goal was to offer a great range of sports goods for men and Women especially the modest community that competes with top brands quality yet available for affordable prices.

Champsland هو مصنع ملابس رياضية في المنطقة الصناعية بالجيزة

 الويب سايت يحتوي علي 2 براند اساسيتان,

"Doe" براند مصرية الصنع تصر لأمريكا و متخصصة اكتر بملابس الرياضية للمحجبات

"Viga" براند مصرية الصنع ايضا تصدر لانجلترا متخصصة لملابس الاندية و التمرينات

نحرص داءما علي التعامل مع موردين خامات علي اعلي مستوي يواء من السوق المحلي او المستورد, المنتجات بتكون من خامات معالجة ضد البكتيريا و الانكماش و بتكون سريعة الجفاف.  (Dri-Fit)

نفخر بتعاملنا مع عملاء كبار اهمهم  المنتخب المصري لكرة السلة و نادي الزمالك لكرة اليد و الجزيرة, Hummel  وغيرهم. 


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Kathie Crist

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We have manufacturing in Egypt for several years and interested in adding to our manufacturing base.

Currently, we have a woven pant and shorts program using 90% Poly/10% spandex FOB Shanghai to source. It’s for both ladies and men’s sportswear make with some tailored features. We would place between 110-200,000 pcs per year with typical POs of 12-18,000 pcs between 4 models, 1 color, pants & shorts. We are looking for only QIZ production.

If this program might be worth discussing, please contact me directly.

Bruce Zeitlin

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