Know more about sports materials

Know more about sports materials

There's a lot of misconception in peoples mind regarding Polyester materials, especially here in Egypt, people are always drawn to 100% cotton label, while in fact there are many reasons that makes cotton not at all suitable for sportswear; for instance cotton has high water absorption which makes it heavier when sweating in it, and it doesn't dry easily neither quickly, in addition to that it is prone to shrinkage unless it is treated to all of the above which makes it so expensive and not easily found in Egypt.

the perfect substitute that solves all issues above was treated/ Dri-Fit Polyester, as many people have the wrong belief that all polyester materials are irrelevant for sports let me tell you that all international brands  uses polyester derived fabrics for their benefits and easy treating check out the description of any legging for example, it's never gonna be made of cotton but some kind of breathable Polyester.

hope to know your thoughts about this topic, did you find it helpful?

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